Bell Sympatico Business Internet Nightmare

My nightmare started over 6 months ago after I moved. I have had Bell Sympatico Business Internet for the past two years with the normal about of problems. But things took a bad turn when I moved. I called Bell and requested for the migration of services to my new location, an order was placed. Three days after I moved, my internet high speed was still not delivered, I was told that they did not have parts in the box sitting on a street in my neighborhood. They would have to order the part and had no ETA. It took another 2 weeks and multiple calls before high speed internet DSL was delivered to my home.


I connected my DSL modem , the router to the line, and to my dismay it would not work. I called technical support and they informed me that the line was up. I was asked for my credentials in order to proceed with any support over the phone. I provided my postal code but was informed that I had the incorrect postal code. I insisted that I had received the postal code from the post office directly and it should be correct. Somehow Bell had the wrong postal information in their system, the tech insisted that I provide the wrong postal code. I have no idea what they had in the system as that was incorrect. After much back and forth I decided a different approach, I asked the tech to confirm that I was entering the right userid and password into my router. I provided her the userid and password, she confirmed that I had the correct information.Â

At this point any half intelligent person would know that I was indeed really the owner of the DSL circuit. But I was shocked when the tech again continued to insist that I provide the wrong postal code she had in the system. Well, I held my breath and talked myself into stopping from yelling and uttering obscenity.


I asked to speak with a supervisor, after being on hold for over 15 minutes the rep came back and informed me that all supervisors were busy. She continued to say that even a supervisor would not help me because I was unable to provide the wrong postal code. I insisted that I speak with a supervisor and was put on hold again. After what felt like an eternity of wait, I finally got connected with a supervisor. She asked me to look for the latest Bell high speed invoice. I explained to her that I had just moved, I would have to dig through many unopened boxes to search for this invoice. I insisted that all I wanted to know was if the DSL was active and if I had the right logon credentials. It was like pulling teeth out of a dumb stubborn mule. Eventually, I was told that the line was not active yet and they had no idea when it would be activated. Arrgh, I hung up the phone in frustration and disgust.