The irony between Muna (The Apprentice 6) and Arnold Schwarzenegger the Terminator

As much as I dislike Donald Trump on the Apprentice, I have to admit that I watched almost every show since season 1.  I enjoy the entertainment value of the show, Trump is truly an obnoxious and pompous jerk on TV, next to Simon Colwell. The three words “you are fired” is now a popular term.  Lucky for me my two year old toddler decided not to nap in the afternoon yesterday, so I had a cranky toddler who decided to go to bed earlier than normal.  That allowed me to watch Rome and the Apprentice last night.

Last night Muna was fired on the Apprentice season 6.  Muna was born and raised in Jamaica and is an attorney.  She has an accomplished resume and speaks English, Spanish and French.  The winning team Arrow, got to fly to Sacramento and meet with the governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger.  James the project leader of Arrow decides to ask the Terminator for advice on how to become successful.  Arnold is an immigrant from Austria and talks about the hurdles he had to overcome in the land of opportunity.  He had to overcome prejudice against his name and accent.  People would say that there is no way he could become a successful actor because of his strong accent, but he proved them wrong by becoming the highest paid entertainer. 

Now the loosing team Kinetic got to go to the boardroom for loosing the task.  The task was to create a web add for the soap show Precious.  Muna was insistent that she would be more comfortable in front of the camera and wanted to act.  That lead to her downfall, the judges could not follow her dialog because of her strong accent.  As a result her team ganged up on her and Trump fired her.  The irony is that Muna was fired because of her strong accent, not bad acting.  On the other hand the reward of the challenge was a face to face meeting with none other than Arnold Schwarzeneggar.  The terminator who overcame prejudice against his accent.

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  1. Sandra
    January 5, 2014 at 9:21 am

    That saves me. Thanks for being so seesibln!

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