What do I do?

Well, a better question would be what can I do?  I have been working in the technology field for over 15 years.  I can design, configure and implement enterprise class networks, complete with firewalls, Cisco routers, Juniper routers, Websense content filter, Microsoft Windows 2003 servers, SQL, Exchanger 2003 servers and Linux servers. Whew, that was a long runon sentence, for those who are technical writing inclined, please do not persecute me for this :).

I have built many Microsoft Windows domain, active directory servers for midsize and enterprise clients. I have implemented Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003 servers with over 1000 mailboxes for various clients.  I implemented, configured and maintain Cisco and Juniper/Netscreen firewalls and routers.

This blog is running on Linux server, with PHP and Mysql.  The hardware is completly assembled by myself, the core is a P4 3Mhz Intel CPU, 2G memory, 2 x 300G SATA drives mirrored, tape drive etc.  On the same server, I host my many other websites, including the popular online dating site www.CupidPost.com.  All this is sitting in my office at home.

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