Here I am again watching 24 in front of my Sony 50″ Grand Wega.  Yup, 24 is one of few shows I follow.  Jack Bower is amazing, he continues to save the day.  To bring you up to speed, Jack was released from Chinese prison in exchange for information about the where abouts of a high ranking terrorist.  He willingly goes ahead with the plan to sacrifice himself in exchange for this information.  The ever amazing Jack manages to escape from the clutches of his captors and put’s himself back in the counter terrorist field.

This season 24 is full of twists, Jack’s father and brother are responsible for selling the nuclear warheads, which ultimately ends up in the hands of middle eastern terrorist.  Jack discovers what his brother has done, but while no one is suspecting his father administer an overdoes of drugs to his brother and kills him.  Now the senior Bower is exposed to the viewers as the real criminal mind behind this.

Well, I sort of brought you up to speed.  I am watching the current episode while I type away on my laptop.  There is a conspiracy to kill the President, a hitman has infiltrated into the president’s compound…  I am gonna have to continue this after I am done watching the entire episode.

Adios Amigos.

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