How to install Squirrelmail Outlook

Download the files from sourceforge. 

Extract the files to /usr/local/mymail

In my case I decided to keep the Fedora file structure by moving the data and attach folder to /var/lib/mymail/.

The data directory is used for storing user preferences, like
signature, name and theme. When unpacking the sources this directory
is created as data/ in your SquirrelMail directory. This directory
must be writable by the webserver. If your webserver is running as
the user “nobody” you can fix this by running:

# chown -R nobody:nobody data

# chown -R nobody:nobody tmp

# cd /var/lib/mymail
# chgrp -R nobody attach
# chgrp -R nobody data
# chmod 730 nobody data

chgrp -R nobody attach
$ chmod 730 attach

Note: nobody is the ID used to stat the httpd service. 

Add the below lines to /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf, and the restart httpd service.

Alias /mymail /usr/local/mymail

Options Indexes

AllowOverride None
Order allow,deny

allow from all

# service httpd restart

To configure Squirrelmail Outlook, simply run the config file and follow the menus. It is pretty intutive.  Change the deault language to US English, the code is ‘en_US’.

# cd /usr/local/mymail
# config/

$squirrelmail_default_language = ‘en_US’;