Oops I forgot my phhNuke admin password and I need to reset it.

It’s been a while since I logged on as site admin to my other site Wiivil Computer Help.  I tried all the passwords I can possibly think of and none was correct.  Being security conscious I have different passwords for the many credentials.  But that is hard to manage as I have to remember all the passwords without writing them down somewhere.  Now, I am locked out of my Network help site.  Luckily this is a common occurrence and there are solutions available.  Simply doing a search on the internet reveals many solutions.

Well the fix that I use requires access to the MySql database for phpnuke.  PhpMyadmin is suggested as the means to access the database.   Since I use Navicat for all my MySQL databases backup I decided to use that.  It does the job just as well as PhpMyadmin, I have both installed on my server.
Here is the instruction to change it the admin password.
Using Navicat go to the nuke_authors table and make your pass dc647eb65e6711e155375218212b3964 that will make it Password, then just login and change it.